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Parenting Coach

Parenting is the process of raising and nurturing a child from infancy to adulthood.  It involves providing emotional support, guidance and meeting the child’s physical and emotional needs.
Effective parenting is crucial as it significantly influences a child’s development, shaping their behaviour, values and overall well-being.  It forms the foundation for a child’s social, emotional and cognitive growth, impacting their future relationships and success in various aspects of life.

Our Products

Parenting booklets provide information on how to build a healthy parent-child relationship and promote positive development.

Question based workbooks are created to guide you through parenting, to give you a deeper knowledge of yourself and your child.

A collection of poems that talk about the loving relationships between parents and their children.

“There are two types of people, 'leaders' and 'followers'. How you nurture your child will make them either a leader or a follower.”

About Us

As a mother of three, like many first time parent, I found myself uncertain about how to navigate the challenges of raising a child. The journey suddenly seemed over-whelming and unfamiliar.


Enrolling in a parenting course was a pivotal moment for me, as it provided invaluable guidance, making my role as a parent significantly more manageable.


I have dedicated over 15 years of my career to working with children, spanning from infants to teenagers.


My experience includes managing a creche and teaching. My aim is to help other parents, much like the support that benefited me on my parenting  journey.

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